Welcome to the Radiophonics Web Site
Radiophonics in Carriacou and Petite Martinique
This site hosts radio shows, work sheets lesson plans and other materials to teach reading, writing and spelling using Synthetic Phonics.
For each school day there will be a lesson to teach one of the letters or sounds that make up the English language; with instruction on reading, writing and spelling. Included in each lesson are a Lesson Plan, a Work Sheet and a Recorded Lesson. This material is available free of charge to the people of Carriacou and Petite Martinique, for the purpose of teaching only.
With grateful thanks to :- Elizabeth Nonweiler of www.teachtoread.com Debbie and David Hepplewhite of www.phonicsinternational.com and Chris Jolly of www.jollylearning.com for allowing access to their material.
Also thanks to Kim Mills for editing the broadcasts and to Kim and to Randy Cornelius for generously agreeing to broadcast the programmes. To Kevin Kirchhoff for his artwork and to Susan Valentine for her publicity advice and expertise.To Nerissa Fortune for her pioneering work Cynthia Caton for recording the programmes and Dejon Baker for being the voice of 'Tyrell the Turtle'.
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